Top of the Mountain

A story about real love

“An elderly woman is led through the difference between the human version of what love is vs. God’s real version of love as her long life is examined.”

Meet Rachel Green. Rachel is a beautiful redhead who seemingly had it all—looks, brains, and a strong desire to pursue her greatest dreams. But is that enough to live a fulfilled life? Most of us know what love is. Love can be both exhilarating as well as painful. But is there something more to it than what you feel? Why does love have to be so painful at times? Shouldn’t love last forever? Can you find real love in this world, or is it somehow elusive? More importantly, what exactly is real love? Does the word love mean more than one thing?From the small community of Cottondale, Texas, to the outskirts of the big city of Atlanta, Georgia, Rachel has pursued an often painful path to following her most passionate dreams of discovering real love. Enter, Harvey Gordon. Harvey is Rachel’s lifelong friend. Should their relationship be more than mere friendship? Is real love somehow in the cards for them? Join author Wade J. Carey as he demonstrates what real love is from a biblical perspective—with all of its attributes and the world’s attempted impediments. In a narrative that touches all sixty-six books of the bible, see what God has to say about love … and what love most definitely is not. Can you find real love in this world? Further, can you find real love without God?Find out Rachel’s story in this third, stand-alone installment in the Parables Series. You don’t want to miss it.

A mid-morning autumn breeze exhaled dry wisps of summer’s final breath upon the lovely hamlet of Cottondale. The amazing tranquility of this rural landscape was ironically, its most distinct feature. This sleepy little north Texas town—a mere forty miles northwest of Ft. Worth—lollygagged through another one of its stunningly bucolic days.

On this gentle morning, ten year old Rachel Green sat under a huge shade tree on the west side of Jerry’s General Store, near the center of the community. The store sat placidly on a quiet country road. A typical, slightly rusted tin roof topped the old building, which was wrapped in aged, dark wood and fronted with a large covered entryway. Intermittently festooned across the building’s perimeter were various tin signs with product advertisements from the World War II era.

Joining Rachel was her classmate and best friend in the world, Harvey Gordon. Rachel and Harvey’s special friendship dated back as far as either of them could even remember. Due to the fact that Cottondale’s only school had closed just a few years previous, Rachel and Harvey had to make the daily weekday trek to the nearby town of Paradise for their classes.


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“Even though this book says that its the third book, I read it without reading the previous ones. With that being said, I believe that you can read this as a standalone. Even though it had a lot of religious undertones, they are not overbearing enough to bother anyone that may or may not want to read a book like this. It is very well written and makes you stop and think about a few things in your own life or at least that’s what it did for me. It put some things in perspective that I have never thought about before and I think that’s what it was supposed to do. There are parts of the book I don’t agree with, but that’s a personal situation which I’m sure everyone will run into if they read this book. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and if you like love stories there is even one of those in here, but I will tell you this now it doesn’t and the way you would think. I wasn’t disappointed at all and I was very pleased with the book as a whole.” 

Top of the Mountain: a story about real love” by Wade Carey explores the meaning of love in all of it’s different and varying aspects. Carey shows the different views of love by using the character of Rachel Green, a character who would be very familiar to most people. She sees romantic love as the pinnacle of all love and does not see the other versions of love as being just as strong or stronger to base a relationship on. Each chapter opens with a different bible verse that lets the reader know which type of love will be discussed. Within each chapter a story, or a parable, is related to Rachel to show her how each type of love was expressed and how it either turned out well for the person telling the story, or not so well. This book was easy to follow and had engaging stories that got the point across. It had obviously religious themes to it, which could become tedious at times. However, I also saw how valuable these themes can be in the sense that loving oneself, one’s God and the other qualities of love that are discussed are extremely important and tend to be overlooked in literature today. I could see this book being very helpful after a break-up, or a divorce.”

“As with Wade Carey’s other books, the reader is gently placed into some very interesting scenes with fascinating characters. Wade takes the reader from the past to the present and back, as well as locations we imagine in our dreams. The most profound questions we have as humans are interconnected within the stories of these characters the reader cannot help but to love. Best of all, Mr. Carey is a man who knows his bible! In Top of the Mountain, a bittersweet love story is woven into a spiritual journey around and toward what is true and what lasts in our hearts, and what transcends even death. Although packed with food for the soul, this book is an easy read. You’ll be finished too soon and be wondering, as I am now, what Mr. Carey has in store for us next… ”