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“Good morning Wade. I’ve been sitting in the Pastors Study reading. What a wonderful work of faith you have been involved in, collaborating spiritual stuff with everyone and everyday stuff.”

Coley W., Florida

I love your books! You are my favorite author.

Sandra B., Georgia

“There would be a lot less evil in this world if people would read your books … Your books are the best I have ever read and have changed my life.”

“The Lord has given me 77 years, and in those years, I’ve but honestly given but a fraction back until I read Wade’s books. They have turned my spiritual life completely around. I have read all his books and feel so blessed. I hope Wade continues to write more.”

Gary F., Indiana

“The first thing about your books is that they are fun to read! It is also true that the experience itself is an uplifting one. There are positive spiritual things captured on those pages. You’re a man who knows his Bible, and knows how to weave tales and storylines … It has been a pleasure to get to know Mick and Wyatt, Henry Johnson, Rachel Green, Juan Montoya, and without giving too much away, other Mick’s… You gotta love Mick. I’ve loved all seven of your books, and hope to be able to read # 8 soon. Keep toiling, brother!”

Jim J., Maryland

“They are Christian novels that mix an entertaining story with scripture in a way that I’ve not seen before. The author weaves biblical teachings into the narrative in order to highlight certain points and reinforce the spiritual message. I think these books would be a good way to introduce new believers to the Word of God without overwhelming them with language or semantics. They would be a great mechanism for introducing new believers to biblical truths in the context of an entertaining Christian story.  I hope you have an opportunity to read them and to be as blessed as I have by their content and overall teachings. As always, all Glory belongs to the Lord.”

Mike M., Mississippi

30 out of a possible 30 points

“Top of the Mountain * a story about real love” by Wade J. Carey is an interesting book in which fiction is used to teach lessons about idolatry. Even religion can be an idol, a concept not every Christian may have thought about, since religion is good, right? This insightful novel captures the reader’s imagination right away. The characters are relatable and we are rooting for them. The supernatural elements make this story both intriguing and unique. This is designated as the third of a series. However, I had no problem picking right up with it The book cover is lovely. I like the Bible verse on the back, as well as the back cover blurb. I would have appreciated an author bio and photo either on the back cover or the inside. I think the author should have worked to garner endorsements from other novelists. Those would have added weight to the book and should have been pretty easy for the author to get this deep into his career. The story grabs the reader right away. The romantic tension, and watching characters make decisions, keeps the plot moving and the reader interested. I like the list of Bible verses in the back. Wow, that’s a lot of verses! Nice work. This is a good story, and Christians in particular will want to read this inspirational book.

Judge # 30, Writer's Digest 2019 Self Published Book Contest

20 out of a possible 20 points

“Climbing The Mountain * the heart of budgeting” by Wade J. Carey gets to the “heart” of the matter concerning money management. If our heart isn’t in the right place, our spending never will be. This is a fantastic message to get out to the budgeting public. What some would consider the “deprivation” called for in most budget plans will feel miserable to anyone who hasn’t examined their heart. Once your heart is right, spending less money, especially on selfish goals, will feel rewarding, or at least not as much of a sacrifice. I like that the author is upfront about the book coming from a Christian perspective. I appreciate this perspective but those who are less devout can also certainly benefit from being less selfish regarding their disposable income to experience a better life. The front cover is amusing and effective. The back cover copy is intriguing enough to cause people to open the book. I like the Bible verse, and would have appreciated the addition of a couple of endorsements. An author photo and bio would have been good. The author does share much about his journey, being candid about his faults and setbacks. Most of us can relate to shopping mindlessly and needlessly, running up big bills a few dollars at a time. Likewise, we can recover a few dollars at a time, especially when our hearts are set right. Overall, an excellent book on finance. I hope many people will read and heed its advice.”


Judge # 30, Writer's Digest 2019 Self Published Book Contest

29 out of a possible 30 points

“Garden of Life * a parable about faith is an excellent novel using fiction to relay timeless truths, just as Jesus used parables in the bible. Though the dialogue at times seems a touch stilted, there is much to like about this novel. Watching characters struggle and lean the truth is compelling. The characters are relatable and interesting. Their lives imitate reality. The bright cover immediately catches the eye. Obviously, green is a great choice, as is the leaf and grass motif. I like how the cover tells us this is Volume I, because fans of Carey will want to be on the lookout for more books. The back cover copy is nicely done. I appreciate the author’s heart for the Lord and his longing to see people come to a saving knowledge of Christ. I also appreciate his welcome and call to service after the prayer. It’s great to know Christ, but we want to be a witness for Him in the world as well. The list of bible verses is also helpful. All in all, a great evangelical tool. I look forward to seeing more books from Wade J. Carey.

Judge # 39, Writer's Digest 2017 Self Published Book Contest

Exerpt from review of “A Walk Through The Market”“The premise of the story is itriguing, with an ordinary man meeting an angel (who doesn’t live up to his expectations of an angel) and being given an education and a mission. Old story, but a worthy one.”

Judge # 15, Writer's Digest 2011 Self Published Book Contest

Excerpt from review of “A Walk Through Heaven & Hell” … “The writing is rich with this author’s passion for understanding the ways of the heart, and his compassion for the human experience with all of its ups and downs, especially in the area of religious faith. The author paints a vivid portrait of his character’s crisis in faith, conveyed by exciting plot elements that are scripturally based and interpreted. The author also inspires with an inspirational portrayal of angelic intervention. This cast of characters encountered in this novel is, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry the narrative, which prompts the reader’s interest in wanting to know what will happen next….”

Judge #24, Writer's Digest 2014 Self Published Book Contest

21 out of a possible 30 points, all good or very good in all 6 categories

“A Walk Through The Mall” is volume 2 of a series of inspirational paranormal stories set against the backdrop of every day life. This story by Wade Carey follows an angel name Mick who recruits members for the Flaming Sword Communications Group by appearing in human form in public places like the Mall of America and Cracker Barrel. Each potential member has virtues and abilities to offer the group as it engages in spiritual warfare through a special medium – media and communications. Of course, their choice to join isn’t met without resistance, and a demon named Damon works hard to deceive the members into joining the side of darkness instead.

The author’s objective to make readers think on Heavenly things is made clear from the beginning, so it is no surprise that this book is overtly religious in nature. That honesty makes it much easier to really invest in and enjoy the story for what it is without feeling the need to evaluate each statement or plot element for theological truth. He has also included a thoughtful appendix of more information on some of the more controversial subjects touched on in the book, and ends with an outline of Christian beliefs about salvation for anyone who has been touched and convicted by what they’ve read. Christians will especially resonate with the themes in this book, and the reminder that we may be entertaining angels unaware, but anyone who is spiritually curious will enjoy it.

Judge # 18, Writer's Digest 2019 Self Published Book Contest

Excerpt from review of “Late Night Breakfast * a vision of hope” 

“This book is a unique approach to sharing the Christian gospel message, and I like the idea of these spiritual encounters at the two restaurants…”

Judge # 31, Writer's Digest 2019 Self Published Book Contest

April 9th, 2014

“A Walk Through Heaven & Hell” review excerpt:

“… and bubbly young Christians who refer to each other as ‘dude,’ the book maintains a bouncy, light feel even in times of violence and distress. Readers who view surrender to Jesus Christ as essential and the need for a creator as absolute will find much to relish in the heroic tale of Wyatt and his associates. (click on the Kirkus Reviews logo for the complete review—spoiler alert!)

Kirkus Independent Reviews

August 1st, 2011

“A Walk Through The Market” review:

Do you ever have questions about angels, demons, and all the mysterious things about spiritual warfare? But is it hard to find the gumption to plow through a whole Bible study?  Your in luck.  Wade J. Carey has written A Walk Through the Market as a novel that doesn’t just illustrate the workings of spiritual warfare, it teaches the reader one verse at a time.  Really- the book is packed with over 100 verses so the readers feet are firmly planted in the Word.

The novel begins as Wyatt Hunter goes to Seattle’s Pike Place Market for his morning coffee and meets Mick- a friendly, up beat guy that claims he’s an angel. And not just any angel, he’s the angel sent to give Wyatt a mission from God.  Through out the day, Wyatt learns from Mick the role humans play in spiritual warfare, faces down a demon and eventually receives his mission from God.  The relationship between Wyatt and the angel is endearing, leaving the reader yearning for a Mick to pop into their life.  However, the meat of the novel is the scriptures that just pour over you leaving you fortified by the Truth of God’s Word and yearning to know more.”

Karen Tripp, Cancer Companions

September 1st, 2017

“Garden of Life * a parable about faithreview:

“Once in a while, I read a book that moves me both physically and spiritually. Well, I just finished such a read. This awesome book titled, Garden of Life: a parable about faith is written by a brilliant storyteller, Wade Carey. This simple yet powerful story involves a man and his family, new to the neighborhood, and a quiet and unassuming handyman who lives next door. This handyman changes the paths of his new neighbors’ spiritual lives. The father, Henry struggles with his spiritual journey and the handyman mentors him through home repairs, as well as, Biblical guidance.

This awesome book completely engrossed all my attention. The way the author developed the characters namely Jerry the mentor and the struggling apprentice, Henry was brilliant. I just love the way that book was written in Q and A style. A progressive explanation of the Bible and God’s will. This book was very powerful to me which helped my understanding and retention of scripture. I really appreciate the slow explanations and examples backed by Biblical truth. Overall, an awesome, inspiring, and well-written story with great characters, editing, and structure. I am looking forward to reading volume II. Obviously, this author is talented and greatly blessed. I must thank him for this educational and inspiring book.”


September 21st, 2017

“Late Night Breakfast * a vision of hope” review:

“Just finished the second book from this awesome writer, Wade Carey. With a very fitting title, Parables · Volume II  Late Night Breakfast: a vision of hope is the second in the series about spiritual warfare. After reading the first volume of parables, I was patiently anticipating this book. And once again I was enriched with a new story that entertained and enlightened me through every page. In my experience, it is hard to find a storyteller of this caliber and quite refreshing when I do.

I really enjoyed Reggie, the main character, a quiet unassuming mentor of faith and hope through kindness and compassion. In this story, Reggie’s character is a long haul trucker with access to numerous people and places. What a great idea for a main character – not what you would expect for this subject matter. Once again Wade Carey has written a great book with meticulous attention to detail. Which really shows. I just love the cover art, perfectly fitting for this book. I must also mention the easy flow of this story thanks to excellent proofing and editing making Parables · Volume II  Late Night Breakfast: a vision of hope really shine. This book is highly recommended to everyone. I shall be keeping my eyes open for Parables · Volume III.


December 2nd, 2017

“Top of the Mountain * a story about real love” review:

“I recently had the great pleasure of reading one of the most inspiring books of the year. Top Of The Mountain: a story about real love by Wade Carey is the third outstanding book I have read by this skilled author. As in his other books, Top Of The Mountain is a heartfelt and honest book with realistic characters and their struggles with life, death, faith, hope, love, and emotional pain. I enjoyed how the characters confront real-life issues with practical and biblical solutions. As the characters face the complicated issues of life, the word of God is expressed and implicated in their testimony.

This writing style awakens and fortifies my own faith in God’s beautiful love. I found myself reading the treasure-laden paragraphs over and over. Sometimes even stopping to write reference scripture. It moved me so thoroughly. This author has helped me understand and internalize age-old scripture. The unforgettable characters became powerful education and entertaining forces that captivated and inspired me page after page. Besides Jesus, of course, my favorite character is Jerry. The humble general store proprietor who possesses insight and wisdom that will blow your mind. Obviously one of God’s mighty figures of truth and guidance.

Just like the other two books by Wade Carey that I’ve read, I found that this story was beautifully structured. Flowing without interruption, you can tell that this book was proofed and edited with great love and care. From the cover art to the last paragraph this book was sweet perfection.”


December 1st, 2017

“Top of the Mountain * a story about real love” review:

“In the third book in the series of parable tales, Top of the Mountain: A Story of Real Love by Wade J. Carey is a journey through heaven with a lady who came to accept Christ moments before passing away on earth at the age of 75.  As she starts an educational journey upon being accepted into heaven, she meets 12 ladies who tell about real love and how idolatry is still something very real in our lives; not just a long forgotten Old Testament in the Bible.  At the age of just ten during the 1940’s, Rachel Green chooses a boy who will be able to give her wealth and security instead of her good friend Harvey who truly loves her.  We fast forward to her life at seventy-five as she struggles with cancer; having never found true love.  Can the women on the mountain Jesus has asked her to climb help her to understand the Biblical examples of idolatry and love to help her understand the broken pieces from her life on earth?

This was a really sweet tale with some very valuable lessons in it.  Most of us do not understand that idolatry still exists today as we see it as people in the Old Testament worshiping false Gods.  We like to think that it is just people who still believe in multiple gods in other religions today who commit this sin.  However, this book opens our eyes up to the truth that idolatry can come in many forms.  The ones we might be able to think of include money, lust, and fame but this book delves much deeper and hits on some that include our careers, our intelligence, and the last of the twelve discussed will really blow readers away.  Although the discussions on each of these idols is short, they are deep and very thought provoking.  Even a firm believer will need to take a good look at their lives to see if they are yielding to these concepts.  I really appreciated the open discussion about these areas of our lives we must learn to balance in accordance with God’s will.

The biggest turn off in this book was the overwhelming usage of Bible verses.  I know someone might cringe at that, but the truth is it felt like a Bible flipping sermon where you could easily get overwhelmed.  The over usage of the Bible verses when some summary of the Bible study would have been adequate made the dialogue less smooth and believable.  It also runs the risk of losing the original meaning behind those verses when taken out of context.  I wish just a couple of verses per concept had been used and focused on instead.  The characters even used Bible verses to say goodbye to one another at times and it just got a little loaded down.

I really enjoyed the angels who came to help both Harvey and Rachel as they were both fun characters and made me think of Touched By An Angel, an older TV show.  The book did an excellent job of discussing and showing love between God and the characters in the book as well as discussing some in-depth and often hard to look at concepts by using the testimonies of the characters in the book.  I was also glad to see the Salvation Prayer at the back of the book.  Overall, the author did an excellent job making tangible something that seems so ancient for us today and led the reader to really consider their relationships and potential idols in their life.