Late Night Breakfast

A Vision of Hope

“An over the road truck driver deals with the intense pain of his losses during a chance encounter at an all night diner. Biblical hope is discovered.”

Step on up and get fed!Meet Juan Montoya … Juan is an over-the-road truck driver who has fallen into complete despair. An incredibly evil and random act of violence has taken his family from him, and now, he is trying to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. As he struggles with this tragic loss, Juan feels that life really has no meaning anymore. Although he believes in God, deep down, he feels that the Lord has somehow abandoned him. On a daily basis, Juan feels searing pain—a pain that must end. Enter Reggie Harper. Reggie is a fellow truck driver who reaches out to his friend Juan and shows him how to overcome his loss by leading him towards understanding the virtues of biblical hope. Reggie has already learned that without real hope, life can seem utterly meaningless. But what exactly is hope? How can someone’s life be enhanced by something that sounds so good, but can also seem so vague?Join Juan as he happens upon a strange and unexpected restaurant during a most interesting night, the Hotcake Haus on Grace Highway. There, Juan encounters the oddest thing: a menu that features dishes that are inspired by the various types of hope found in the Bible. During his life-changing visit to this quaint southern diner, Juan’s soul is finally fed what it truly needs—real hope, that can only be found in Jesus Christ.In this stand-alone installment in the Parables series, your soul will be fed as the reader walks through what is perhaps the most intertwined blessing throughout the entire Bible—real hope.

The metallic taste of the icy, cold gun barrel felt at once terrifyingly mysterious, yet soothingly welcome. The aim, a small sliver of metal at the tip of the short-nosed weapon, was perched squarely in the center of his upper and lower teeth, just beneath the palate inside his mouth. Although the weapon may have appeared to be a steely foreign invader, to this man, it also felt like a welcoming specter of macabre hope.

Ironically, the small piece of metal tickled the roof of the man’s mouth as he readied himself to enter into eternity. He was virtually mesmerized as mental flashes of foreboding shadows clashed with beams of desperate hope throughout his soul.

All that remained to do was to squeeze the trigger. The gun almost seemed eager; silently awaiting its lethal call of duty. The reality of the situation was literally staring directly into his eyes as this moment of truth for Juan Montoya awaited his final command.

His decision was made.

The pain must end.

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“The book, Late Nate Breakfast, not only tells a story about Juan the trucker and his trials in life but also how the bible helped save his life. After the death of his family, his despair and thoughts of suicide weigh heavy on his mind. With the help and guidance from a fellow trucker he was able to begin a spiritual journey that turned his life around and changed his perspective on life. Juan was guided to an all night truck stop where, with the help of two angels, a menu, and Bible verses, he is able to change his life and way of looking at the Bible. How Mr. Carey wove the verses with the menu items was both interesting and fulfilling to me. This helped me interpret more about Bible verses and how it played out in my own life. It was a great idea for him to include the verses in the back of the book to reference to in the future. I am eagerly looking forward to continue reading his books and learning more about the Bible and the life of Jesus.”

 “Another Great piece by Wade Carey! I could not put this one down – read it in 3 days. Just so much scripture and encouragement to help you find hope – and not the kind this world has to offer, but can only be found thru a relationship with Jesus Christ. Can’t wait for Wade’s next book.”