Climbing the Mountain

The Heart of Budgeting

“A book which can prepare your heart for real and permanent change in how you deal with money. Written from a Christian perspective.”

This is not your typical book on budgeting …Yikes! When you hear the word “budget,” do you feel like running towards the exit? Does it summon a sense of dread in your soul? Does the subject of budgeting make you recoil with disgust and perhaps even a touch of fear? If so, this may be the book to help you break through this negativity and discover the power of obedience to God and its positive financial impact on people from virtually all income levels.There are many factors which go into the proper management of one’s personal financial resources. The skilled techniques you can learn from seminars on how to be financially successful are absolutely essential. But will merely following a prescribed set of procedures result in a sustained financial victory over your money management issues? Or, is there something else involved in conquering the obstacles which prevent you from getting along with your money?Presented from a definitively Christian perspective, there is much to glean from this testimony by Christian novelist Wade Carey and his travails with personal money management over the past four decades. His story centers on the unquestionably most critical ingredient in the handling of every single penny which enters your life—your heart. Once you set your heart correctly, your handling of money and budgeting can absolutely catapult you to success and serenity in your life. But if you leave your heart on the sidelines, budgeting success is very difficult to sustain.From the open-minded skeptic to the committed Christian; whether you’re rich or you’re poor; find out how “climbing the mountain” of budgeting is the key to uniting your heart and your wallet. Once you get your heart set properly, the rest can fall into place—no matter how much money you make.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re reading these words right now for a good reason. I’ve found that people typically don’t like to deal with the subject of budgeting and will actually avoid this topic at all costs. The word “budgeting” itself can summon an enormously negative connotation, and it’s almost certainly not in the top one-hundred subjects of discussion at dinner parties.

With that said, let me ask you this—have you asked yourself why you’re reading this book? Do you feel obligated to, or do you really want to explore the heart of budgeting? Or, perhaps it’s just simple curiosity that’s caught your attention. Interestingly, we can sometimes experience an odd sense of inquisitiveness about some of the things we generally avoid or even loathe. Whatever the reason, please don’t stop reading until you’ve at least heard what I have to say. It just may change your heart. This subject certainly changed mine.

I’m going to attempt to dissect the subject of budgeting’s inherent negativity issue as we proceed through each chapter. The pessimistic connotations which often accompany our topic of discussion are completely unwarranted. If you wish to live a successful life alongside your money, you simply must push through this “I hate budgeting” baloney and see what’s actually going on. I think you’ll find that budgeting is really not all that bad. In fact, it has some benefits you may not have previously realized.


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“The heart of budgeting!! This is not your average budgeting book. This is before the budget book. There are millions of ways to manage, track and save cash. This book tells us the story of what happens before you get to the numbers. This book gives you instruction on getting your heart, mind, and spirit ready to look at money the right way. It’s a rough and in your face testimony of doing it wrong and how the author corrected it. This book teaches more than spreadsheets and snowballs. Matter of fact it has very little to do with bank account numbers and balance sheets. It has to do with YOU! Read this book! Apply it to your life! You don’t have to live in hopelessness over money anymore. Get your heart in the right place. It’s got to happen today!”

Do not start a finance program to solve your budgeting issues until you read this! April 18, 2019
There is a spiritual basis to this book, but the book has a great deal of content and ideals to be gained regardless of where you stand spiritually. By the end of this book, you’ll certainly come to understand that getting your heart right is the first step to creating the best vision for your finances and in turn, an effective budget! Do not start trying to figure out your financial life without reading this first.