A Walk Through the Market (2010)


What would you say if someone claiming to be an angel sent on an assignment showed up one morning, sporting a ponytail and a Krispy Kreme T-shirt and calling you “dude”? Would you recognize him as a messenger of God and let him spend the day preparing you for a special mission? Wyatt, a recent widower still grieving for his wife and estranged son, encounters Mick, a coffee-loving angel in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and soon, their talk reminds us of long conversations we’ve had with good friends.

A Walk Through the Mall (2011)


Four months after his first adventure in A Walk Through The Market, Mick, the pony-tailed angel is now on a quest, taking him all over the country to prepare a new team for battles against Satan and his army of darkness. As the group bonds together, many previously unrevealed secrets are brought to light with shocking clarity. Once again, Mick’s friend, Wyatt, is at the center of the activities as the revelations demonstrate how the Hunter family has been embroiled in battles with demons for many generations.

A Walk Through Heaven & Hell (2014)


When Abbie Hunter’s husband, Earl, left her in 1967—taking Caleb, the elder of their identical twin boys—she was devastated. At that point, she had no idea how she was going to survive without her other son or husband. The answer soon arrived in the form of the angel Mick, who instructed Abbie to keep one thing in mind: raise Wyatt, her remaining son, as a Christian and teach him to love the Lord, regardless of the circumstances.

Garden of Life

a parable about faith (2014)


Meet Henry Johnson… Henry is a regular guy in his forties who is truly living the American Dream. He is a loving family man and successful business owner. He and his wife Helen just bought a new home and the future looks bright. However, there is something missing from Henry’s life. Actually, the most important thing in the world is missing—the hope of eternal life.Enter Jerry, Henry’s new next door neighbor.

Late Night Breakfast

a vision of hope (2015)


Step on up and get fed! Meet Juan Montoya … Juan is an over-the-road truck driver who has fallen into complete despair. An incredibly evil and random act of violence has taken his family from him, and now, he is trying to pick up the pieces and move on with his life. As he struggles with this tragic loss, Juan feels that life really has no meaning anymore. Although he believes in God, deep down, he feels that the Lord has somehow abandoned him.

Top of the Mountain

a story about real love (2017)


Meet Rachel Green. Rachel is a beautiful redhead who seemingly had it all—looks, brains, and a strong desire to pursue her greatest dreams. But is that enough to live a fulfilled life? Most of us know what love is. Love can be both exhilarating as well as painful. But is there something more to it than what you feel? Why does love have to be so painful at times? Shouldn’t love last forever? Can you find real love in this world, or is it somehow elusive? More importantly, what exactly is real love?

Climbing the Mountain

The Heart of Budgeting (2018)


This is not your typical book on budgeting …Yikes! When you hear the word “budget,” do you feel like running towards the exit? Does it summon a sense of dread in your soul? Does the subject of budgeting make you recoil with disgust and perhaps even a touch of fear? If so, this may be the book to help you break through this negativity and discover the power of obedience to God and its positive financial impact on people from virtually all income levels.

The book that started it all

A Walk Through The Market

What would you say if someone claiming to be an angel sent on an assignment showed up one morning, sporting a ponytail and a Krispy Kreme T-shirt and calling you “dude”?


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