Change My Mind

From author

Wade J. Carey

“a unique brand of Christian fiction”

Revelation 21:2
“I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.”


Everyone wants to live in a nice home. It’s very much part of being a human being. Having a place of comfort, sanctuary, and family is just who we are and how we were designed. Many of us fight tooth-and-nail to accomplish and maintain our homes for most of our life. If you really think about it, we work because we don’t want to live in the street. It’s a horrible shame for those who don’t have a home on this earth. My heart cries for their plight. I hope from the bottom of my soul I never have to face this tragic situation. I’m sure most all of you feel the same way.

God also has a home, but unfortunately, it’s not with us right now. We’re separated from the Lord by our sin. Many people hate to hear this essential truth, but it’s nonetheless true. As Christians, we actually live in a foreign land and long for our real home. I find it interesting that famous atheist Penn Jillette once pointedly asked a very pertinent question as it relates to people who believe in heaven and hell but don’t tell others about it:  “…how much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize (share the gospel)?” 

His point is well taken.

Through the person of Jesus Christ, we can live with God once again. Our responsibility for attaining this eternal perk is to do something which rarely gets spoken of, but is the broadest overview there is when it comes to our faith. I often share this with others because the big picture of following Christ is what my books are all about. My books are essentially a way to stand over the forest and observe the whole landscape of spiritual life. I feel like this perspective is the best way to stay laser focused on the truth. To my way of thinking, it’s also the best way to proselytize. So what is this “big picture” relating to the Christian faith? We have to look at Exodus 20:3 for the answer:   

“You shall have no other gods before me.”  

There is only room for one God in this world. Why did our ancestors Adam and Eve sin? Because they wanted to be like God. This, my friends, is the ultimate deal buster in God’s kingdom. This is why there are only two places to live once we leave this current life. The real estate choices are very limited once we pass through death’s door. There are only two kinds of houses.

God lives in heaven. It’s the best house possible. It’s a place of faith, hope, and love. It has no pain or suffering. Cancer doesn’t exist. It’s the perfect paradise which our hearts long for. To live with the homeowner (Jesus), we must first love Him and show that love by repenting of our sins. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Hell (currently Hades) is the other place. It has none of God’s attributes because it’s where He doesn’t live. It’s a terrible place. Topping the list of what you cannot expect in hell is love. Since “God is love,” and God isn’t in hell, there is no love in hell. Can you imagine that—no love or no hope??? 

So why did I title this article “Change My Mind”? Because I need to hear someone explain the logic behind why I would give up an eternal paradise for a place imbued with a total absence of hope and love. I need to hear a rational reason why my godship while living here on earth—which is only temporary—should be more important than bowing down to the king of kings, Jesus Christ. You see, when we choose our own godship by rejecting the Lord by doing things our own way, God loves us enough to allow this. He won’t force anyone into heaven against their will. 

Some say, “how can a loving God allow someone to go to hell?” The answer is simple. It’s more like, “how can a loving God force someone to love him?”

God won’t coerce you to love Him. That’s not love at all. 

The next time someone tries to explain why their humanistic way is better than God’s way, ask them to explain why 80 years or so (if you’re lucky) of being your own god is more important than an eternity of being a beloved son or daughter in God’s kingdom. Essentially, our choice becomes our god (or hopefully, God). 

Please go back to the top and read Revelation 21:2 again. The beauty of this passage gives me hope beyond belief. It truly a prophecy, and the bible currently has a one-thousand batting average on prophecy fulfillment. That sounds awfully good to me.

Have a great week!