The Hacker Part 2

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Psalm 147:4
“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.”

This week’s THEOLOGICAL FOCUS continues on THE HACKER

Last time, we discussed how Satan and his minions play the role of a computer hacker in the lives of all people. Their mission is to analyze the weaknesses of humans and “hack” into our lives using spiritual strategies designed to keep us away from Jesus Christ. Today, we continue with their first weapon, which is the mere existence of God. In other words, in enemy-speak, “there is no God to answer to, so do as you please.”

I absolutely love science. I believe God designed us to be hungry to know more about the universe all around is. Science essentially is knowledge, but knowledge changes while God never does. That is why we must never allow science to be elevated to a God-like status. This is an important factor as we start this discussion. I’m also a “big picture” teacher about our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. With that in mind, it seems to me that The Hacker’s lead-off batter in his/their offensive against humanity is to try to convince people that God doesn’t exist. If God doesn’t exist, you have no one to answer to. Pretty simple, huh?

However, if God doesn’t exist, then there are some fairly significant unanswered questions which can absolutely vex the human soul. Chief among them is this:  where did everything come from? God’s first revelation about Himself is that He is our creator. The simple act of why something exists instead of nothing is a question which can have only one reasonable answer:  Something exists because someone created it. 

Please invest the few minutes it takes to watch the video below. When you start adding up the numbers which our creation somehow coming from randomness would require, it’s easy to see the hand of some kind of creator. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the God of the bible is true—we’ll cover that in upcoming articles. But it does mean that nothing in the physical sciences can explain where everything we see comes from. The logical conclusion from the evidence before us—without the addition of any kind of agenda—is that something or someone who is outside of our physical limitations created our universe. It just has to be. Without a creator, incoherence and enormous unanswered questions rule.

Romans 1:18 tells us that no one has an excuse to not see God’s existence based on everything we see around us. For someone to deny God’s existence leads one to ask why a person would deny Him in the first place. The answer is simple. If there is no God, you don’t have anyone to answer to. You essentially become the de facto God of your own world. 

Being a follower of Christ isn’t about all of God’s “rules.” It’s about a savior who took the punishment for our sins. It’s not about “accepting” Jesus Christ. It’s about “surrendering” to Him and allowing God to mold you into the son or daughter He actually created you to be. 

God’s creation speaks volumes if you really pay attention.

Until the next time, be careful. The hackers are watching….

Have a great week!