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Jonah 2:8
“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.”


For many years, when I heard the biblical term “idol,” I thought of golden calves and things like that. I felt like idols were only for ancient, unenlightened minds and that mankind has evolved beyond that primitive nonsense. Unfortunately, that mindset is gravely mistaken.

Satan has amended his attacks on mankind with many modern day idols. These idols are just as dangerous to the soul as the carved or graven images of the past—perhaps even more. So what is the big picture regarding idolatry? Consider this:  Idolatry happens when our appetite for something surpasses God … Rut-roh, that applies to all of us … even today. Check that. Especially today.

Before discussing “what” idols dominate Satan’s arsenal against mankind these days, let’s take a look at “why” turning away from idols is so important. Here is a little snippet from our book “Top of the Mountain * a story about Real Love” … 
The angel now had a serious expression on his face. “Only Jesus Christ can save someone. That’s what I mean. When someone pledges their allegiance to someone or something besides the Lord, they’re placing their eternal fate onto something that cannot carry them over the chasm of death into eternal life. This is an enormous mistake.”

Modern day idols can be embodied in many different ways, like fame, money, sex, addictions, career, etc. But the one element resident in most of these idols is the frail, human version of love. You heard me right—love. 

Love from the human perspective is often very different than God’s sacred version of agape or sacrificial love. Why? The human version is almost always carried by mere emotions and/or feelings. Well, I’m sure glad God doesn’t utilize the human version of love on me. If He did that, I’d have no Savior to take the punishment for my sins. 

The bottom line is this. In most cases, you can’t call something real love if sacrifice isn’t involved. Sacrifice involves commitment, covenants, and  sometimes even pain. But sacrificial love is powerful. Sacrificial love endures. Sacrificial love is real love.

It seems to me that real love is essentially difficult. Emotional love is easy, but it rarely lasts. That’s why silly idols can get in our way of reaching the fullness of our relationship with Jesus Christ. We love our idols because they’re easy to cling to, but have no real value. They are a distraction and require very little in return. On the other hand, submitting to Jesus is indeed difficult from the human perspective, but it has the most amazing rewards in the universe. 

Please check out the short book video below and consider picking up a copy of “Top of the Mountain * a story about real love.” You wont’ regret it.  

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