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“A Practical Approach to Faith”

For many years, I stayed away from church because I didn’t feel like I fit in with the “church crowd.” I always believed in Jesus Christ, but I never studied the Bible. Well, that all changed one day back in early 2004, when I was forty-three years old.


There would be a lot less evil in this world if people would read your books … Your books are the best I have ever read and have changed my life.

-Gary F

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Upcoming Events

May 5, 2019

Budgeting Workshop @ Riverhills Church

Come learn the secrets to proper budgeting.

Located at Riverhills Church in Winder, Ga.

October 19th, 2019

Book Signing @ Hoschton Fall Festival

I will be having a book signing event at the Hoschton Fall Festival during the day. I look forward to seeing you there!

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The Word of God

“RYB Dude!” is a catch phrase from the books.

It stands for “Read Your Bible, dude!”

My novels and parables are a unique brand of Christian fiction which uses scripture throughout each story. The idea has always been “scripture first, story second.” Since 2009, God has led me to create a world of characters who experience spiritual warfare as they pursue a knowledge of God from many different vantage points. Overall, the novels and parables are an interesting way to be entertained by a gripping story while enjoying a bible study in a unique way. Click on the “Books” and “Published” menu tab at the top, the “Amazon” tab below, or the “Testimonials” section on this page above and read some reviews to see what it’s all about! (also, please click on the RYB Dude logo to go to Bible

Upcoming Projects

Winter, 2019-20

Farewell, My King

the cult of me

The key to finding a lasting relationship with God through Jesus Christ is to eliminate our own kingship. This must happen before we can truly worship the King of kings. Many people try to be “cultural” Christians and remain king of their own world, but this never lasts. Exodus 20:3 tells us there can be no other gods before the real God, which is the first commandment. This book reinforces that basic tenet.


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